Friday 10 December 2010

Bit More Done

I have been having a debate about portable gas fires on boats on another blog.  I concede they are not the very best solution, but I can't find any evidence for tragedies where a portable gas heater was cited .  However there are plenty to be found involving solid fuel fires.  So with that in mind I though I'd share the heater that I am using to warm the boat at the moment.  This should raise the game and comments :-)

Its running on low here at a mere 58kw and pumping out 1600 cu/m an hour. About 10 minutes is plenty every 3-4 hours.  In fact I left it on for 20 minutes this morning  while I took a phone call outside.  I needed to strip the the waist to work in there. I had to give up on the electric heaters. They're way too slow.

On the gas theme I have fitted the auto changeover and put the first part of the gas main in to the boat.

I have been working on the central heating as well. I have connected the port and starboard flow and returns together, and put the tails out to the engine bay where the heater is and I have started to connect the radiators in preparation for a pressure test.  I should pick up my calorifier next week so I can finish the heating system.


  1. I wonder if one of these would be a bit more boater friendly in an emergency.

  2. If you have the room that is :-)

  3. I have been reading the comments between you and H on the other blog. :))

    I can imagine you will get some comments from the picture of your heater. LOL

    With all the sensor's & alarms you have I see no problem with it.
    You are making very good progress.

    Bill Kelleher

  4. Bill. I have 2 boats ATM 1 is the NB (floaty boat) the other is the WB build,

    The big gas heater up to 78kw is on the WB build whereas the portable gas heater which is the subject of contention is on the floaty boat.

    IMO you can die of CO (not likely with a good CO dector) poisoning nice and peaceful, or a big explosion, quick or oblivious or of hypothermia (no know detector).

    Gotta go somehow. LOL

    Gas seems to be a big nasty enemy. There is a boat on my home marina that's ALL electric. It has a 10kw genny and all cooking heating etc is done of the genny. It doesn't even connect to the marina shore power as he reckons its cheaper to run the genny. He hates gas due to 2 x unfortunate incidents. IMO with electricity you only get the one!