Wednesday 15 December 2010

Been On A Bit Of A Drive Today

I got up at 4am to head off to Newark to pick up my calorifier. I made good time on the trip and with a hour to spare before they opened I indulged myself with a good ol' British fried breakfast in a proper workmans cafe.  Facebook Places Linky

Teddy one of my Airedales explains " This is a 120L calorifier 900mm x 450mm twin coil with 3bar rating pressure releif valve and a 1kw 90° C immersion heater with 50mm PU spray foam lagging."

Next stop was Birmingham to collect the domestic batteries. Linky  6 x 2 volt traction batteries providing 1000A/h at 12v.  Total weight 325kg.  Good job the car has air suspension!  After getting the tyres blown up a bit the added weight wasn't noticeable at all.

I also got the engine start battery and the bow thruster battery.

 2 x 620amp cranking power

Then it was off to Worcester to collect the oak internal window frames and liners from Linky

This is 1 of 8 + 2 port hole trims

Total trip was 498 miles and I was out for 11½ hours.  No traffic hold ups either!  Most unusual for the UK.

Finally I would like to share a picture with you.

This is our second lounge which we use when we have guests.  Well we did, until I turned it into a charndlerey store.  Someone in the house is not amused! and now until I fit the calorifier thats in the main lounge bay window.


  1. "calorifier thats in the main lounge bay window."

    Better than a christmas tree !!

  2. Oh Boy! That looks familiar! ;-) Lotta stuff goes into a boat!