Thursday 14 April 2011

Fuel Lines

Now I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent, able to read and able to follow verbal instructions.  So why couldn't I find the fuel return outlet.  Handbook says on the side just under the last injector, despite a lot of head scratching and several phone calls I still couldn't see it.  Eventually I got a phone call to say the engine had been modified and this outlet was now routed through a fuel cooler and could be found on the gearbox oil cooler.  Sure enough there it was.

So a bit of modification to the fuel return pipe due to the new location and it was connected.  Also connected were the engine fuel inlet and the fuel supply and return for the generator.

While I was covered in diesel I decided to refit the heater fuel pump as the way I originally fitted it caused it to resound through the fuel tank.  This was very worthwhile and is now barely audible.

On the end of each copper fuel run I soldered an olive where the rubber pipe connects.

The jubilee clip goes on past the olive

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  1. Don't you just love it when they make changes but don't tell anybody? :((

    Bill Kelleher