Wednesday 6 April 2011

It's A 'Prop'per Boat Now

I have done some more wiring to connect the start battery and alternator to the bow-thruster battery.  These 2 batteries will be charged by the main alternator and the other alternator will be dedicated to the domestic batteries.  This arrangement  saves the need for a split charge system. 

This afternoon was the more interesting bit of the day.  I finally got the cap head bolts to mount the Bullflex coupling to the adaptor that marries to the gearbox flange.  This is a very strange setup.  There are 4 x 7/16 UNF bolts and 2 M10.  Most peculiar!  Once mounted I offered up the drive shaft measured it up and cut it to length,  Once that was done I temporally mounted the prop.

 Water lubricated bearing will need connecting to a
water supply that will supply 45L per hour

 21 x 16 RH

I shan't be leaving the prop on as there are "apparently" a few freelance metal collectors around. 

My friend Damien came over this evening and put some plugs on my Cat5e cables.  These are for the inverter.  One cable is is for the PC interface and the other is for the remote control.

Since installing and wiring up the inverter the other day it has been powered up charging the batteries.  It feels like the boat has life now.


  1. I know what you mean about not wanting to lose your prop.

    I have a pair of 28"X 32" four blade's like yours and know what they cost.

    You are really coming along nicely.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Shiny! My Precious! ;-) Oh I like shiny things!

    Yeah, better not leave that out in the open Kev. I think even I'd be tempted to wander off with it tucked under my coat!

    The aperture looking down onto the prop, that's for un-fouling etc.?

  3. Yes the appature is called a weed hatch. The rim is above the waterline and it has a sealed lid wich clamps down hard and on the botom there is another plate that forms a near flush surface with the undeside of the boat. This is know I believe as and anti caitation plate. I'll put a phot up sooner or later.

  4. That's going to be an amazing boat Kev. Can you put up a fresh pic of the whole thing? We haven't seen her whole since last fall.


  5. I would put up another picture of the outside, but nothing has changed since last fall when I put the cover over the rear deck. When I start work on the outside again I'll be sure to add them.

    The weather here is getting much better, and as soon as I have made new decking and made the rear deck totally self draining I will have the cover off in a shot.