Monday 11 April 2011

More Wiring

The plan this morning was to get the final bit of ply that form the back wall of the kitchen.  To do this meant running some wires, which turned out to be loads of wires.

So today has been all about wiring.  On the engine there are 3 multi-plugs and the Vetus kit came with 3 corrisponding wire which in turn connects to the instrument pannel.

I rerouted the original placing for these wires only slightly which made it easy to run the subsequent loom I made up using 25mm flexible conduit.  This was run around the engine and out through the bulkhead.

Another smaller loom was made to carry the wires for the pump out pump, the diesel fuel tank sender and the toilet tank sender. This was run in 16mm flexible conduit and followed the same path as the other loom.  The heavy start wires were also connected.

The thick black and red wires go off to the bow thruster batteries.

Once the engine loom was run I couldn't help connecting it up.  It all lit up and the warning beeper went off.  I shan't be able to ignore that!  So I just had to flick the ignition key and it turned over.  Enough of that for now though as it needs oil, coolant and the diesel supply connected.

The ply still needs to be fitted, Oh well.

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