Tuesday 28 February 2012

Gritty & Alterations

A wanted a break in the weather this week as I am having the Pram Hood altered to have the helm window and the large back window made to zip out.

While its gone I have taken the opportunity to grit the back end of the roof.  This involved a good rub down with 40grit DA then masking up.

Then a very thick coat of floor paint followed by a liberal sprinkling of grit.  There is 16.5Kg on there believe it or not.  I wanted a course grit and strangely I found exactly what I was looking for in a pet shop. Crushed Oyster Shells!!! Nice and course, and only 95p for 1.5kg.  Al last something cheap for a boat.

I expect to recover at least 10kg with only 5-6 kg stuck to the paint

It looks a bit hit and miss now but when the masking is removed and the excess is removed it should look nice and neat.

I have also prepared the gunwales ready for gritting and I've dried out the water tank ready for its final coating.

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