Monday 27 February 2012

Water Filter, Steps, TV.

I decided to fit a water filter.  This casing can have a variety of filters including a 5 micron carbon filter.  I will start with 5 micron standard filters.

This required the water supply from the tank to be re-routed but this was pretty straight forward.

The large hole is for access to the air bleed valve

Serving will be by a removable middle step.  As this is fitted on the inside wall of the steps it was time to finish making the steps I started months ago.

The oak step tops should be ready later this week

The stone tops for the bedroom draws are coming on Wednesday all being well so I have fitted the bedroom TV as the HDMI cable runs behind where the top is going.

 View from the bed

1 comment:

  1. Do you have the wrench for taking the filter housing apart ?

    Be aware that at times it takes a strong pull on the wrench to get it too break it loose.

    It does not appear that you have a way of getting a straight pull on the wrench.

    Bill Kelleher