Sunday 19 February 2012

Launch Date

I think we have decided the launch date will be 16th March.  I need to check with all parties but this basically gives me 4 weeks to tie up the odds and ends.

I have now installed the drive shaft and tightened the bull flex down on the shaft, I have fitted the prop but only temporary for now.

 21 x 16 RH

Behind the prop you can see the weed/rope cutter and right above you can see the bottom baffle plate for the weed hatch which has also been fitted with its seals as too has the lid for the weed hatch.

On Friday my brother delivered the breakfast bar which will attach to the back of the worktop, and on Saturday we collected the headboard we've had made.

On order are the Oak stair treads and at the plating shop are the metal inserts that will form the stair grips.  We also have a couple of curtain makers quoting for the 8 large windows, 4 in the bedroom and 4 in the lounge.

There is a company around the corner that lines out vans and they have CNC routing tables and they have taken a scan of the temporary working deck I've been using during the build and will produce from that an accurately cut new deck from the Wisa deck flooring I have supplied them. Note the number of laminates which is all birch.

 I have chosen the hex pattern

While working on the boat I cut the side decks into 3 easy to handle parts for convenience but they will be one part on the finished decking.  The middle will still be in 3 parts. From the larger center board I can get access to all service areas.  If larger works are required the side boards will still easily come out.  The deck boards will be linked into the boats alarm system of course.


  1. Really looking forward to seeing her in the water Kev. You must be getting somewhat excited!

    I'll leave you alone so you can concentrate on the finishing details. :-)

    Good luck.

    Rick & Lori

  2. Hi Rick

    Got all the bits in place now the cranes the lorry, the tractor mounted hedge trimmers, the overhead power cable shroud.

    A fair bit still to do but pretty much all of it cosmetic now.