Wednesday 22 February 2012

Headoard & Kitchen Work

The custom made headboard was collected from the makers last Saturday.  I needed to finish making the bed base and once that was done I could fix the headboard in place.

The bed base lifts up to access a storage space.  Once I have the mattress  (Next Thursday) I can weight it and the base then I can get some gas struts made to the require lifting force to assist with and hold the base up when required.

I have been preparing the kitchen for the breakfast bar, while doing this it became apparent the island unit was pretty mobile at the end section.  This, in a stationary house is no problem but on a boat which moves about could be a problem especially as the weight of the worktops would act as a massive lever if the boat were to thing anything head on, or indeed if while being transported the lorry had to break suddenly.

A solution was needed.  Screwing through the end unit base would not be strong enough the load needed to be transferred through the vertical walls.  

I knew one day I would have a use for the really long screws that came with the engine crate.  

The head is 17mm AF to give it scale

I made a bracket to transfer the load through the vertical panel and some filler blocks to bear down onto once the screws were done up.

Glued and screwed

Stop blocks and 3 screws into the floor

The island end is now nice an rigid now. I will make a nice cover the the metal bracket to hide it in due course. 

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