Thursday 12 November 2009

Transportation Day

Well what a stressful couple of weeks since the initial news that I'd have to bid for the boat by sealed tender.  Since winning it I have had to move fast to arrange transport, prepare the ground to receive the boat, improve the access for the truck & crane, get the power company to shroud the overhead cables and a whole host of other things like insurance.

Anyway the boat is HOME

At 8am the crane arrived shortly followed by the truck.

Just under 2 hours later it's loaded

And under way shortly after

I arrived about an hour and a half before the truck.  On the way I met the crane which arrived soon after me.  The crane got in the drive :-)  1 down (the small one) just the big one to go. Once in position he got himself set up and ready for the arrival of the truck.


Set up  and waiting

Just over 4 hours from setting off......

The truck arrived.  Would my preparations be enough to get the truck down? If it did could the truck negotiate the bend in the middle of the drive?  As I knew the access was tight I paid extra to have a trailer with rear steering wheels.  If you look you can see them in action.  Without question had I hired a standard trailer this blog would be very reading differently right now!

It fitted thanks to the skill of the driver

Truck in position ready for the lift

Off the truck weighing in at 11.8 tons

With the assistance of the drivers (crane & truck)
the boat was set down and levelled

Thanks Dave (crane), Mark & Colin (truck)

So all in all a very successful day. No incidents, no accidents, no unexpected snags.  The transport was done by Streethay Wharf If you ever need to move a boat or any very long load these are the boys.  I know who I will be calling when its finished to get it out.

Here is a short time lapse video of the loading. I was to busy at the home end to set one up, but have plenty of stills for the album.

Loading this morning Click for video

Now the work begins. 


  1. Don't forget it will be a lot heavier when it goes out to when it came in.

  2. Hi Brian

    This has already been discussed. Clearly it was pointless getting it in if it couldn't get out again.

    The plan to get it out is 2 small cranes as space dosen't permit 1 large one. Even if the build ends up at 30 tons it will be no problem. But none the less a point well raised. I will keep an excel log of material weight added to estimate the final weight

  3. Wow thats what i call working and moving fast.
    Goog video and well done getting your job done.I see you follow are news letter Odessa why dont you join are community.If you do want to join you can on the news letter on the right of the blog.