Tuesday 29 November 2011

Wallpaper & Oak Trims

All the oak trims have now been ordered from a company in North London. I found a firm that would produce exactly what I wanted.  As well as their extensive range of standard moldings they also produce to customer requirement.

I have various angle beads, skirting, architrave, flats, and special design capping.

Today I hung the wall paper in the lounge.  It was a bastard!  The paper went up well but to find the patten match, well it took ages.  This is the dark one, we are having a light one in the bedroom which is going to be even harder.

Hmm!  Crocodiley

It's amazing how a flash gun reveals what the eye can't see normally

All the panels for the bed base should arrive tomorrow so work on finishing the bedroom can start.

Friday 18 November 2011

Other Things I've Been Doing In The Background.

If you read back over the blog you will see several "more on that later" type comments recently.

The first of these is the instrument panel.  This is how it looked first off.

I really wasn't happy with this so I set about improving it.  First to do was remove all the instruments and to cut out a hole without cutting through any wires.

Then a new mounting board made from a composite board with a brushed stainless finish.

After which a 6mm packing frame was attached to give some recess to the panel, which was then refitted behind the hole and a nice recess oak frame made to dress it. 

I think this looks a whole lot better.  It is now IMO part of the decor not just a bunch of instruments stuck on a board.

I have also finished the hatch, well almost.  It still needs a tiny bit of paint on the inside.  First it was insulated with Celotex then clad out with the same floor laminate as I have used for the rest of the boat roof.

I have also finished the rear door and trimmed them with oak and polished with Briwax.  Again I have used floor laminate to complete the entrance decor.

All the parts needed for the bed base are now on order.  The company that made the furniture will also make finished panels to any reasonable size and finish them as required.  The bed will be a lift up one. 

Also the kitchen is pretty much finished.  I still need the breakfast bar made but my brother is rammed with work ATM because everyone wants their granite worktops done now before Christmas.  When I have time I will clear down the kitchen and photograph it.

Thursday 17 November 2011

It's Been A Buffing Sort of Day

I have been buffing the paint this afternoon.  Its very hard work and not very interesting.

But the result is satisfying even if the reflection shows that ugly mug.

Saturday 12 November 2011

2 years on.

2 years ago today the shell came home.

This is how it looked then.

A fair bit has changed since then.

Here is a photo library     Over 600 on the blog now.  Enjoy :-)

Saturday 5 November 2011

I'm often asked why I'm building a boat.

Well this was my plan, but like all good ideas it's been nabbed.

Don't tell Deb though.

Thursday 3 November 2011

Rudder Stops

Mindful that its now getting dark earlier in the afternoon and that the weather opportunities are closing down for outside welding, today I decided to make the rudder stops.

Normally I'm told the stops should go in the ram ends but because I have made a Shilling type rudder the extra movement of the ram hasn't left enough room to do this, in fact if you read here you'll see why.

So I have put them on the outside of the rudder with adjustments.

To protect the rudder  while reversing I will be fitting a Long Button Fender.  A standard one is 40cm long so I needed to make a mounting extension to make it extend enough beyond the rudder.

It looks a bit like a loco buffer but all will be revealed when I fit the fender.  Finally the rudder and skeg and a few other bits previously welded got a coat of blacking.