Tuesday 30 August 2011

Sound System Sorted

It's very clever, and the sound........... Well it's just unbelievable.

Monday 29 August 2011

Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen appliances arrived so it was down to fitting them. Well temporarily anyway for the washing machine and microwave combi oven.  The oven housing needed a small amount of alteration as originally we were going to have a gas oven*.  I also have the hob but thats not shown here.  All of these have been set up to enable the placement of of the power and gas feeds.  There will also be a final fitment of the templates fore the granite worktops.

The washing machine will have a door fitted

*  It was after a bit more thourght that we decided to change the oven.  Some might question having an electric oven combi unit on  boat, especially as we do have gas availiable.  Our reason is this.  At home we have a main oven and a microwave combi.  We hardly ever use the main oven accept probably Christmas.  Most of the time we use the smaller combi especially as it can perfectly roast a decent size chicken in about 35 minutes.  I can't see us cooking xmas dinner for 8 on the boat!  Also with an oven we would still need a microwave which would take up worktop space. So in retrospect it seemd the best solution.  Powering it will also be no issue as it has a maximum draw in combi mode of 3000w the same as output as the inverter and our battery bank will cope with a roast chicken, or if need be the generator can be deployed, or cooking can be done when the main engine is supplying charge to the batteries. 
Of course if we are on shore power this could be used as at home if it is 16amp, but if its less the inverter through the additional controler can use whats on the post and suppliment the amperage from the batteries without tripping the shore power.
The 3rd one down

I know some will think this mad and gas is the answer, but if you think about it, fuel has to be used so why not the diesel in the generator instead of LPG?

This is the fridge freezer.  

This model was chosen because it has a big top fridge and small bottom freezer and it has an A+ energy rating.    As the unit housing it is not as tall as one in a house, the choice was very limited, but I am pleased with it.  Supprisingly its made by Liebherr more often associated with 600 ton dump trucks and earth movers.

Friday 26 August 2011

A Day Of B's

First 'B' is the battery box.  A bit of a ground dog day as it was putting in the new battery box. If you don't know why this is a groundhog day look here. Unfortunately getting the new one in was not as easy as the first one as the first one was put in before the engine.  The old one was cut up to get it out.  To get the new one in needed the the deck supports and drains to be cut.

A couple of cuts and a bit of force and in it went.  Then welding it back up again and job done.

New batteries due 1st week of September.

The second 'B' is the bow thruster.  The hardware was installed a few weeks ago, now I'm back form holiday the cables were ready to collect.

Knowing the issues with long cable runs and voltage drops on BT's I designed and installed it all with the minimum length of cable I could.  Neg & Pos come to less than 1m = very low voltage drop, maximum amps (power) delivered to the motor.

The other cables are for the second battery

The total battery amps will be 220.

I still have to connect the charging cables but I'm waiting for the line fuses.

Also today I cleaned out the engine 'ole of general dirt and dust that just seems to acculimate and connected the morse cables to the gearbox and the throttle.  These blue cables can be seen in the second photo.

Off again later for the bank holiday weekend in the motorhome.  Going the SBMMC agm so back to the grind (love it really) on Tuesday.

Thursday 25 August 2011

It's Been A While

We have been away for a week wild camping in the motorhome down to Cornwall and the west country.  This is wild camping at its best. 

In line with our love of canals a visit to the famous Caen Flight of locks was on the agenda.

This is my picture of the site.

Before we went I ordered a load of stuff which has now started to arrive.

So far delivered and collected are:- New battery box fiberglassed, kitchen and bathroom taps, bathroom sink, hob, integral microwave comi oven, washing machine, fridge freezer, the TV unit, the internal door handles, door glass,  and the power cables for the.

So I will be getting on with installing all this new kit in the next few days.

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Lounge Furniture Ordered

After much deliberation the sofas have been ordered.  In the end war was averted.

 We have 2 of these on the way

Also ordered today is the TV unit.

I have been working on the water tank, my brother the stone mason came Monday to do the template for the kitchen worktops.  We are having Star Galaxy.

Easy to see how it gets its name

I have started building the bedroom furniture now, all the kitchen appliances are on order, the bow thruster is in but I am waiting for the cables to be made before I blog it.

So things are moving in many directions and I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.  So much so I am now searching for moorings.

The War Starts


We are now choosing internal furnishings and decor. So far I have had my way as it has been about technical and practical stuff. It's about the comfy stuff now and all of a sudden I have do things by way of consultation. I don't likey! I am now having to surrender my project to another opinion.

I'm sure it will work out in the end.

Friday 5 August 2011

I Fancied A Change Of Scenery

Having spent loads of time in the last few week up the blunt end I decided I would do some work at the pointy end.  

Now the bow thruster controls are in I want to play.  Can't help it.

 95kgf 12v

This is where it will live.  
Bit of a grot hole

But first it needed to be made ready.  I have done nothing  much down here since I've had the shell, so it was out with the wire brush and in to the tiny space that a man of my fine figure and age is not really supposed to go.  Anyway a good while later all the crud was rubbed off and vacuumed out.  

Also needed to go in were the brackets for the isolator and the fuse and the batteries.  These duly made and welded in I coated the bare steel with Vactan to convert the surface rust to what ever it does to it, then a few hours later I top coated it.  Looks much better now I think you will agree.

I am using floor paint for all bilge and locker areas because of its high resistance to water and most other liquid spillages that will be encountered on a boat in these areas and its low gloss, sheen finish.

Thursday 4 August 2011


Now the pram cover is in place I have got round to fitting the helm.  I've had all this for ages but needed to wait :-(

I've had the helm wrapped in carbon fibre.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Also installed are other controls and gauges.  These are inside the boat.

From top to bottom:-  Water tank and waste tank gages, remote for the generator, Victron inverter/charger remote control, Victron battery monitor, bilge pump control.

All the window liners are  now in, as are the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Lounge port side

One of the port holes and the bedroom door

Bedroom starboard side

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Varnish Varnish Varnish

Its been 2 days varnishing the window trims. Well not solid as there is drying time but as I have used a 2pac varnish the cure time is only a few hours. The finish is a 30% gloss finish.

It's not moder art, but these days probably could be

Here's one fitted, nine more to fit!

Glued in place with a 4 small blobs of Sikaflex

If you look at the first photo you can see how I have clamped the frame while the glue sets.  I have used 1 clamp to squeeze a baton inside and out top and bottom.  I used the minimum amount I think will be effective to make for easy removal if the window needs to come out.