Thursday 11 March 2010

Welding In More Detail

Today I finished the port side welding (side to gunwale).

I thought I'd show in more detail the welding process from applying the weld to the final dressing.  Its not a difficult job but it is labourious.  12.4m again this time took 1 session and 6 hours 4 x 115mm grinding disks and 8 x 115 flap wheels.  

Stage 1. apply a good deep penetrating weld fillet

Stage 2. grind back to concave with a grinding disk

 Stage 3. polish with the flap wheel

 Stage 4. beacause I am welding outside the wind occasionally
blows away the weld gas which is the flux
This causes small holes which need filling with more weld

 Stage 5. back to stage 3

The final finish will be with a DA prior to painting.

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