Thursday 22 September 2011

Another Groundhog Day

I have had a a bit of a problem with the magnolia paint on the side of the boat and to a lesser extent on the blue parts.

The magnolia was worst affected. After a few months I notice the surface had dulled.  On closer inspection it could be seen that a multitude of tiny lumps that looked like micro blistering but wasn't as this is caused by moisture and under a magnifying glass there was no hole in the lumps.

This is magnolia but poor light

So I DA'd the side with some 400 grit and the tops came off the lumps without damaging the rest of the surface.  I then polished it up with Tcut and left it a while to see if it would re-appear.  After a few weeks decided it was time to get it resprayed. 

So after watching the weather for a while I decided today and tomorrow were probably going to be the last opportunity this year what with light and damp and wind and temperature.  

Jerry turned up bright and early and on we cracked with prepping the magnolia sides.  He did the big stuff I did the small hand areas and the masking.

The blue will be finished tomorrow.  All this week I have been applying 2pac primer with a small foam roller to avoid mess.  I am very surprised how good it's gone on and it's nice and thick so will be good for rubbing down.  Fingers crossed for and accurate weather forecast.


  1. My God that's a big boat Kev! :-)

  2. Everyone says that, but I am use to it now, and it's the same length as our previous on. I suppose with a person in the photo it scales it.

  3. They all look huge out of the water. It'll be nice to see yours with the bottom wet too! Carry on, we're watching intently! ;-)