Tuesday 6 September 2011

Doors & Wires

I have now varnished and hung the internal doors.  In truth I did the hanging but had a proper carpenter come in and fit the furniture and locks and shoot the doors in.  And by hang I mean fitting the frames with the doors pre-hung. Remember I don't do wood. I also got the glass today which needed to be toughened in line with UK building safety code.  As it happens I think this is a good code so I have adopted it in the boat doors.|

So this is what the doors look like now.

Bedroom door from outside

The bathroom door is the same but difficult to photograph.  The glass is frosted in manufacture 100% privacy 95% light transmission.

And here are what I consider to be the absolutely fantastic door handles. Not only, IMO, are they beautifully designed they are beautifully engineered as well.

The final connections for the bow thruster have been made.  These are the charging lines which have to be fused both ends to prevent accidental overload of the charge lines if there isn't enough power in the bow thruster dedicated batteries.

150amp fuse engine end

150amp fuse BT end

I was fortunate that the local chandlers lent me their crimping tool so I could cut and alter the existing cables and put the terminals on properly as the cable had already been installed before I knew I had to fuse it in this way.  While I had the crimping too I also extended the start cables for the generator.  That done I connected the remote cable and from inside the boat I started the generator.  Woo Hoo, something else working :-)

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  1. The doors & hardware look fantastic Kev. Very nice work. :-)