Wednesday 28 September 2011

Water Intake Mainfold

I made the original water intake manifold intake out of copper but I was unable to get the jubilee clips to close down enough to form a reliable seal.  Even after wrapping with loads of PTFE tape the tube proved too wide and the reinforcement wire too strong.

The next option was to use 1 1/4" waste pipe but this was a tad to large for the ID of the tube. 

I tried heating it with boiling water but this was not enough as the reforcing spring inside the tube wouldn't give.  So I tried the cooking oil trick again.  This can be heated much hotter than water and did the trick softening the tube nicely.

Stretched and cooled over a spare bit of pipe

Job done.

 I must repaint the bilge again!

The green pipe is a hose to supply water to test the joints.  Water tight now :-)


  1. Are you going to double up those hose clamps on the water intake lines Kev? It's a requirement here for any hose fittings below the water line.


  2. I'm not sure thats a requirement here. I certainly haven't ever heard of it, but in fact its a good idea which I will adopt I think if there is room on the spiggots.