Wednesday 7 September 2011

New Batteries

The new batteries arrived today.  What with holiday season and the need to have these made to order has meant a 6 week wait.

The new set have some additional features.  The principle requirement was to have a system that would evacuate the hydrogen that builds up when the batteries are charging. I certainly don't want another episode like before.

The system sold to me also has the added benefit of auto topping up.

So this how the new setup looks.

The vertical tube on the left is the venting tube. This connected nicely to the existing vent.

The vertical tube on the right links by a snap connector with a one way valve to a pressurised bottle.

This is filled with de-ionised water and is pressurised by the built in hand pump.  There is a small paddle wheel that goes round to show when water is going in.  When this stops the system is topped up.  The cells can't be overfilled as each cap has a float valve.

No lid will be require as the terminals are all insulated.  I still have the put the proper output cables on but these need to have terminals crimped on and will be done tomorrow.

The good news is the charging side of the inverter didn't suffer any damage and is working fine.

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