Tuesday 8 December 2009

At Last Some Welding Done

Since having the boat home the weather has been either too wet or too windy or more like both.  Not the ideal conditions for MIG welding outside.

Today was different :-)  No rain and no wind.  So out came the welder this afternoon.  In about an hour or so I had welded the tops of the rubbing strakes and a weld along the top edge of the front gunwale.  The only real problem was the damp lodged behind the strakes.  As I welded this boiled off into steam and caused some problems with a smooth  flow.  Next time I will blow it out with compressed air first.

The hose in the picture is draning out the inside.  The pump was stopped because I needed the power for the welder, but it continued to syphon so I have just left it.  It is slow but that's OK because the pump is too fast to be efficient now.  The bottom of the boat is divide into section about 5' x 2' x 2" deep and the pump drains them quicker than new water can flow in thus the pump sucks more air than water.

I am still wondering about the best way of doing the cabin sides and roof.  The front approx. 2m is shaped and whilst I have the drawing and files to have these cut, I am considering doing it myself as I want to change the way the roof is joined to the sides.  More on that in a later blog.

I may consider buying or renting a plasma cutter and getting the steel delivered as stock sheets.  I need to have a go with a plasma cutter it think.  I am told they are very easy to use.  Failing that it will the trusty angle grinder.

I have now placed an order for the 24 curved roof bearers so things are happening at last.

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