Thursday 10 December 2009

Worst Of The Welding Now Done

I have been busy welding taking advantage of the good weather.  I have done what I consider the worst part of the welding.  That being the under sides of the bottom rubbing strake.  To do this has required me lying on my back and welding on my back.  This is never fun as you WILL get burnt.

Like this!

It only takes a small ball of splatter to get stuck somewhere and this is what happens.  Any welder will know exactly what I mean,  If you can wiggle about and keep it moving until it cools you usually get away with it.

Welding the top of the rubbing strake

I need to do some drawings tonight as I intend to change the roof design.  The front profile parts will need to be modified to suit.  More on the roof design change in a later blog.

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