Sunday 24 October 2010

Kitchen Agreed

After a great deal of debate and reasoned argument between me and my wife, its been agreed the kitchen will go at the rear of the boat now.  It was originally planned for midships.

I am having a week away from the project in the Motorhome with my wife and dogs.  I need a break from it.  We plan on visiting Brighton and Bath, then for the last few days we will go to out NB to close it up for the winter.  Having said that I hope to do a bit of winter cruising, but best to drain down just in case.  We've already had a frost this year.

When I get back the engine and bow thruster will be ready for delivery :-)  I don't need them yet but decided it was better to get them paid for before the VAT goes up in the new year.  On that note there are some other expensive things I need to get sorted out.

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