Sunday 31 October 2010

I have been shopping.

I have been away for the week in the motorhome.  On my travels I picked up some goodies for the boat.

B&Q are revamping their lighting dept. and are clearing out old stock.  This was exactly what I wanted so I picked up 43 light fittings for £45 with 240v bulbs.  These will be replaced with 12v LED's.  

My local B&Q didn't have enough of them so I rang customer services and found what I needed at a store 95miles from home, but right on the first leg of or trip needing only a 5 mile detour of the main route.

I also picked up some 12v recessed mini LED lights that will be used under the gunwale for mood lighting for £15 for a string of 10 inc. a transformer. 
I also picked up a Whale Gulper 220 and a Jabsco domestic supply pump.

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