Thursday 24 March 2011

Fuel Plumbing Kitchen Sneak Peak

The plumbing is done for the fuel system for both the generator and the main engine flows and returns. All that's needed now are the flexible parts that connect to the engine and the genny.

15mm copper tube and compression fittings 

I have put in isolators for the main engine flow and return near to the tank, and a more convenient one for the flow only near to the filters.  The reason for the isolators is some inspectors like isolators as near to the tank as possible and on the return side my fuel level can be higher than the return inlet so if I need to do something on this line I can stop any back flow.  Both engines share the same return pipe.  The generator feed isolator will be in the final 8mm copper section

And now a sneak peak at the kitchen layout.
All base units in approximate positions

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