Sunday 20 March 2011

It's Been a Plumbing And Painting Week

The internal finish I wanted in the boat was the same as I'd seen on several of the nicer manufacturers boats.  It's essentially a painted finish, however after much trialling with different paints I could not reproduce the finish.  I asked a couple of the manufacturers using this finish but my emails were not replied to.  Not surprising really.  Then in a post one of the CWF members told me what it was.  It is a 2pac pigmented lacquer.  Product Link

While I got on with the plumbing a friend and very good decorator did the painting.  This involved 3 coats applied very carefully with a roller.  The ply surface first needed hand rubbing down with 320 grit then between coats a 400 grit.  This product is primarily formulated for spraying but with care an excellent finish can be achieved with a roller.

This is the soft sheen a 20% gloss produces
and the wood grain is still visible as I wanted
The light colour has made the boat seem even bigger now.

While Matt was painting I got on with some plumbing.  All the heating plumbing is now done and as soon as the walls have hardened off I will be putting the radiators back and commissioning the central heating. 
 Final bit of C/H plumbing

I have put isolators in the heating and water circulation systems so they can be turned off or balanced  with the seasons.  I have incorporated a filling loop and a pressure vessel as this is a sealed system.

Other plumbing jobs done are the water and exhaust seperator for the generator.

Not easy to see what goes where but it all goes where it should

The self pump out.  

This will be used to discharge our black tank where its permissible to do so.

The fuel tank balance pipe.
This is to ensure the fuel is used from both tanks at the same time. The return fuel from the engine will be put back into the port tank and new fuel will be drawn off the starboard ensuring the fuel is being mixed about and used.  The new types of diesel coming on stream has a reduced shelf life due to is Bio content we are told.  The 2 stop cocks will enable each tank to be isolated for drainage or maintenance purposes and the fuel contents gage will fit in the vertical stub just above the drain off cock.


  1. When you first start using the boat, I would recommend checking that the return fuel going in the port tank is not going in faster than the balance line feeds it back into the starboard tank.

  2. Are you going to install a fuel polishing system ?

  3. I like the picture of the plumbing Kev. Reminds me of my diver training and a task we had called "The Plumbers Nightmare"!

    Nice work.

  4. Bill I have a duel filter and water separator in the fuel delivery thats all. I think the return flow is very low but its something I will monitor.

    The plumbing is already under review. I am going to move the pressure vessel connection.