Monday 12 December 2011

It Was All Going So Well

For the last couple of mornings the CH has failed to start on the programmer but would get going with a bit of fiddling with.  Not exactly what's needed so today it failed to start at all so the control box has gone back for assessment.

Anyway the gas fire soon got it warm enough to work in.I needed the lounge warm to make the adhesive go off on the ceiling cladding.  I can only put up 10 at a time as that's all the props I have so did one lot this morning and one at the end of the day.

So the rest of the day was working in the bed room.  This was going fine until I put a screw through the central heating pipe.  So that took care of most of the afternoon to put right.  Which involved taking off a strip of wallpaper and cutting into the bedroom wall.

Oh well tomorrow's another day.  I did manage to get the wardrobes in position and fixed to the wall though.

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