Thursday 1 December 2011

More On The Wallpaper

This is the wallpaper that's going in the bedroom.  It's the same pattern as the dark one in the lounge.

Here it is in detail.  You can see the steps I had to take to match the pattern and hang it right.  

All this was done on my dining table in good light and horizontal,  I think trying to do it in the boat vertical would be near impossible.  At least the dark one had some contrast but even then Debbie had to hold an LED light stick so I could move it into position. 


  1. Hi. Fantastic and insightful blog. We are taking posession of a 60 x 12 sailaway after the new year. I am intrigued by the nailing of the battens. Is that as secure as screwing them. and also.If its not a rude question, how much aprox did the pram canopy come to.

  2. Hello eggnostriva

    The nails are rifiled so as they go in the spin and friction welds themselves in. You can't get one out. You have to cut the heat off with a grinder and pull the wood over.

    On the cost of things, I try not to publish that sort of detail. If you want to email me I can give you the details.

    Are you going to to do a blog on you fitout? Who is your builder?