Wednesday 3 November 2010

What's In The Box?

Rupert's not sure

Still under wraps

My Engine & Gearbox
Vetus DT44 with Hurth ZF45


  1. No, :-) I expect (hope)to hit some big European rivers

  2. A spectacularly complex lawn mower?

    Sorry Kev I signed up to RSS feeds on your blog & thought you'd given up for a while cos they didn't work! Sorted it this morn, the boat is coming along nicely :-)

    How you gonna lift that lawn mower engine & connect it all up - are you doing that yourself too? (She says with apprehension)


  3. Hi Heth.

    No I am still at it. I only blog when I have done something of significance or interesting happens, or at least to me.

    It will be lifted in with a JCB or an all terrain forklift. While I will do as much of it as possible my self, I will have professional help with the installation and commissioning.