Thursday 4 August 2011


Now the pram cover is in place I have got round to fitting the helm.  I've had all this for ages but needed to wait :-(

I've had the helm wrapped in carbon fibre.  I think it looks pretty cool.

Also installed are other controls and gauges.  These are inside the boat.

From top to bottom:-  Water tank and waste tank gages, remote for the generator, Victron inverter/charger remote control, Victron battery monitor, bilge pump control.

All the window liners are  now in, as are the bedroom and bathroom doors.

Lounge port side

One of the port holes and the bedroom door

Bedroom starboard side

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kev, It all looks good to me, I particularly like your choice of carbon wrapping the console, I used to work for a company that did that kind of thing, so know how good it looks in the flesh, so to speak.

    Keep up the good work.