Friday 5 August 2011

I Fancied A Change Of Scenery

Having spent loads of time in the last few week up the blunt end I decided I would do some work at the pointy end.  

Now the bow thruster controls are in I want to play.  Can't help it.

 95kgf 12v

This is where it will live.  
Bit of a grot hole

But first it needed to be made ready.  I have done nothing  much down here since I've had the shell, so it was out with the wire brush and in to the tiny space that a man of my fine figure and age is not really supposed to go.  Anyway a good while later all the crud was rubbed off and vacuumed out.  

Also needed to go in were the brackets for the isolator and the fuse and the batteries.  These duly made and welded in I coated the bare steel with Vactan to convert the surface rust to what ever it does to it, then a few hours later I top coated it.  Looks much better now I think you will agree.

I am using floor paint for all bilge and locker areas because of its high resistance to water and most other liquid spillages that will be encountered on a boat in these areas and its low gloss, sheen finish.

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