Friday 23 September 2011

Paint Day

Today the paint job is finally finished.  Well, there is still the roof to do with sand to make a grippy surface and some other sandy grippy bits, but the pray work is done.  I just hope the problem with the paint doesn't re-appear.

So here it is in pictures.

Masking yesterday magnolia

Slap some on here

Like this

And some here

And here

A few hours later all unmasked and shiny

A good couple of days work making a huge difference.  More photos when I can get on the bow deck without damaging it.

The paint has been piled on nice and thick.  Jerry said he had never put so much paint on anything.  The magnolia has nearly 3 litres and the blue including the rear already done has used 8 litres.  All that needs to be done now is a good mopping.  This will be done in due course.

I have deliberately used standard colours as they will be easy to source in the future from vertualy anywhere in any form and in any base material.

The magnolia is from the BS 4800 standard  BS 08 B 15 

The steel blue is form the RAL standard RAL 5011

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