Monday 12 September 2011

Worktops Delivered

My, brother the stone mason deliverd the granite worktops for the kitchen today.

They are just on dry ATM final fix soon.


  1. Very very nice Kev. :-) Now I want to build a wide beam boat too! :-)

  2. Hi Kev
    bloody hell If you get two post from me delete this one.
    I've just typed one out and it disapeared.
    Anyway. What a great blog. I'm planning to fit out a sailaway in 2013. At the moment I'm raising funds and gaining knowledge. And your blog has helped me alot to understand what's involved. Your doing a great job keep it up I'd love to see the finished boat.
    Cheers kevin

  3. Thanks. It's all coming together now at last. theres still a long list of stuff to do, but in reality I could float it and use it now as all the big stuff is done and working with the exception of the water system which is only waiting for the taps to be fitted which means drilling hole in the stone surfaces.

    Where are yoou based?