Thursday 29 September 2011

Tidying Up Day

I tidied up some wiring today.  I enclosed in flexi trunking the remote start cable for the generator, the output cable and the power cable for the bilge pump, and connected the immersion heater wiring and a few other little jobs.

 The end of the run

Once done I fired up the generator with the shore power still plugged in and the auto switch over worked both in and out seamlessly.  I still have to install the bilge pump but the wire is there now.

I finally got the remainder of the plinth for the bathroom so installed that and while in there I siliconed the toilet in as well

I put the recessed fender mounts in on the port side and have been doing some work on the rudder.

I also filled and calibrated the water and waste tank gauges.  Well the waste water one was manufacture calibrated as it was matched to the depth of the tank, but I filled the tank to check it.  The water did need calibrating whic was simple following the manufacturers instructions.  

The waste tank is showing just over half now as I also got to test the self pump out system, which as you can see as the level is down works.

Another little job that's been hanging around is the fitting of the handles and locks for the gas and kit lockers on the stern of the boat.


  1. Kev,
    Are you going to get in the water before winter or just take your time and go in next spring ?

    You may have said the answer already, but I read so many blogs I lose track of some things. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  2. The plan was to get it on the water this Autunm, but its gonna be next spring now. It could go on the water and even be lived on (rough) now as all the systems are working. It just needs the prop put on and a bit of extra blacking.

    The long range forecast is for a bad winter over here.

  3. Thanks for the answer, with that forecast it makes more sense to wait till spring.

    Bill Kelleher

  4. You've built such a fine sturdy vessel Kev I bet she could withstand pretty much anything Mother Nature can throw at her! ;-)

  5. I'm sure the boat will stand up to the weather not sure I want to be aboard if it gets frozen in though as does happen on our canals.