Tuesday 29 November 2011

Wallpaper & Oak Trims

All the oak trims have now been ordered from a company in North London. I found a firm that would produce exactly what I wanted.  As well as their extensive range of standard moldings they also produce to customer requirement.

I have various angle beads, skirting, architrave, flats, and special design capping.

Today I hung the wall paper in the lounge.  It was a bastard!  The paper went up well but to find the patten match, well it took ages.  This is the dark one, we are having a light one in the bedroom which is going to be even harder.

Hmm!  Crocodiley

It's amazing how a flash gun reveals what the eye can't see normally

All the panels for the bed base should arrive tomorrow so work on finishing the bedroom can start.


  1. Nice work Kev. What is going against that wall? I see the jacks for cable tv etc. Was just wondering if that dark wallpaper wouldn't darken up the room too much. Carry on.

  2. Hello Knotty

    No a lot of that wall will be covered anyway with TV and gas fire, and TV unit. If anything I think it will ad some warmth to the room as the rest of it is very light and airy.