Thursday 3 November 2011

Rudder Stops

Mindful that its now getting dark earlier in the afternoon and that the weather opportunities are closing down for outside welding, today I decided to make the rudder stops.

Normally I'm told the stops should go in the ram ends but because I have made a Shilling type rudder the extra movement of the ram hasn't left enough room to do this, in fact if you read here you'll see why.

So I have put them on the outside of the rudder with adjustments.

To protect the rudder  while reversing I will be fitting a Long Button Fender.  A standard one is 40cm long so I needed to make a mounting extension to make it extend enough beyond the rudder.

It looks a bit like a loco buffer but all will be revealed when I fit the fender.  Finally the rudder and skeg and a few other bits previously welded got a coat of blacking.

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