Thursday 4 February 2010

Another half day hard graft.

The weather was eventually kind late on in the morning.  By lunch time we had the remainder of the port sides on.


After  lunch it was time to cut the roof beams.  Frank had a spare afternoon which was handy. With his help I made a template roof beam then we set about cutting all but 5 of the beams.  The remaining 5 will need to be cut as the front of the boat narrows slightly.

Its amazing just how much easier it was with 2 people.  I am so used to working on my own.  For sure 2 people working in sync can be more than doubly effective than 1.  Plus each of the 25 roof beams weigh in at 25kg and each needed moving at least 4 times including lifting then into the boat ready for installation.  To say I'm a little achy after a couple of days of construction would be polite.  Knackered would be a better description! 

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