Thursday 25 February 2010

Interior Welding Done (for now)

I have finished the interior welding for now.  I will need to go back in to make the integral water tank, but thats a while away for now.

All the roof sheets are now attached to the roof beams, all of the roof beams are attached to the sides, the full length of both of the cabin sides (bottom) are attached to the top of the gunwale, and the rear bulk head is attached to the roof, and sides.  With other miscellaneous bits that needed welding I have done about another 20m of welding today.

A couple of adjustments were necessary on the roof to get rid of the small lump I had in it.  I did try to photograph it but it just didn't show.  I am glad I did it though.

So far I have used almost 15kg of .8 wire and a whole bottle of Cogar (welding gas link)


  1. Don't worry Kev, one day when you're sitting in the sunshine in the south of France drinking an ice cold beer you'll look around you and say "did I really build all this? or was that another life?" - courage, mon brave!

  2. I will practice the beer drinking on the aft deck soon, trust me. It might just be a temporary deck, but the beer will be real.