Monday 15 February 2010

Put A Lid On It.!

Well, thats exactly what we did this afternoon.

I had some adjustment to do to the front 4 roof beams this morning.  That was all I was going to do.  I wasn't happy with the line they took so after a little bit of thinking over the weekend I decided on another way of making it right.

Come 12.30 all was going well and the weather was looking very favorable so on the off chance I rung Frank to see if he was available to assist with his digger.  He was. :-)  We had already tested the lifting method last time Frank was here so I knew all would run smoothly.

 First sheet being lowered into place

As the sheets were positioned the top of the sides all started to come true.  Once all the sheets on the starboard side were tacked in place we needed true up the port side prior to tacking.  To do this the trusty ratchet straps came out again.  Starting with the first sheet it was pulled square and tacked into place, followed by the rest.  As with the starboard side as each sheet was pulled into place the top side of boat came true.  The last sheet has been left lose for now as there is a lot of trimming and shaping on this one.

A good afternoons work.  Thanks once again Frank.


Laying Up The Roof  Time-lapse Movie

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