Wednesday 3 February 2010

A day of 2 projects

Today was going to be a motorhome build day.  I started out working in there setting up the shower area, and things were going nicely.  About midday I came in for a coffee and decided to follow up on a message I had left for a chap I know with a mini digger that hadn't got back to me.  When I got through I explained that I had left a message asking if he could come over at some point and consider using his mini digger as a crane to get the side sheets on the boat.  He said he hadn't had the message but was passing by in a short while and would call in.

Shortly after, he duly arrived and said "no problem when did I want to do it"? I said "today would have been just great as there was no damp or wind".  "OK then" he said my digger is just across the road I'll bring it over just after 1 o'clock. He has a stone crushing site just up the main road from me.

I needed to get the front starboard side on as per the previous post.  Frank very kindly helped me man handle this into place so I could attach it ready for his return.

Within minutes of him arriving with the digger we were ready to go.  I had pre-drilled the sheets so shackles could be put in for the lifting.  Initially these were found to be too far apart as the sheet bent too much.  A couple of additional holes nearer the centre of the sheets and we were in business.

Frank the digger
Second section being manoeuvred.  It's tight this side!

A good tack weld every foot or so to align and hold in place

Frank even got inside to help with the alignment

A couple of hours later and the side was on

It was great working with Frank.  Its nice to work with someone that just knows what to do without having to be told, it certainly speeded up the job. We even managed to get the second part on the port side done before the light went.  

In anticipation of the weather playing ball tomorrow he has left the mini digger on site for an early start.  The forecast is for 20% chance of rain, but that was the same as today, so fingers crossed.
Slightly blurred taken without flash in low light


  1. half a days tack welding doesn't half change the look of things.

  2. Yep, well it looks like you have a side now!


  3. Only a single storey boat then Kev? Always fancied having a cellar myself, handy for those trips across to France.
    Only kidding.
    Don't know how you can do it this weather but well done, it's looking good.

  4. Dodging the weather has been the biggest problem. As you know the forecast means diddly squat so its a case of ceasing the (MO)ment. :-)

    Once you get working its not that cold, but to weld it needs to be fairly still, and dry.

    Hopefully next week I will get the roof on. Weather permitting of course.