Tuesday 9 February 2010

Roof Beam Installation

I have given up with the weather forecast.  I am just going to look out the window in the morning and decide. :-)

I got out this morning nice and sharp (8.30).  The first job was to make the jigs I need to install the roof beams.  These had to do 2 jobs.  Make a straight edge to pull the top of the side sheet true.  This is what they looked like before.

Its all wonky

They also needed to support the beams prior to welding.

I had a couple of hours before the gym which was just enough time to make them and hook them on.

The block sets the right height

All clamped, straight & true

Once back from the gym the I got started again.  The following time-lapes movie tells the story.

I have edited it down a bit to show the general process.  What is not shown is the (boring) time spent truing up the sides.  Using a sliding bevel as a gauge on the outside and 5 ratchet straps inside I pulled the sides in true to each other.  This involved over flexing steel until both sides lean in at the same angle which is set by the rear bulkhead.  Not difficult, just time consuming to get it right when there is no tension on from the straps. This is why I only welded the top of the box section.  I will weld the verticals once the roof is on just in case things move again.  This will lock it all solid.

You will see on the video how the jig slides up ready to set the next set of beams.  I have to say I am rather pleased with my design on that.

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