Wednesday 24 February 2010

More Roof

Well, the weather certainly played the game today.  Apart from a bit of very light drizzle this morning, a really nice day it turned out to be.  Almost spring like! I'm sorry to preface recent posts with weather talk, but its a limiting factor at the moment.

This morning I started by cutting the roof to shape and length.  The two front sheets needed trimming to the curve on the front of the cabin.  It's not 2 full sheets but they overlap the curve.  The very front sheet needed to cutting to length as well.

Once this was done I was able to finish welding the sheets to the roof bars which I started yesterday.

That done I set about inside welding the side sheets to the gunwales and bulkhead and joining the side sheets together, again from inside.  I also finished welding the roof beams to the sides.  

I am holding the boat in shape still with ratchet straps, only 2 now though.  It's quite noticeable how much slacker they are since the welding today.  I did a rough count and  worked out I did about 25 linear meters of welding today. 

I did find a small fault in my work though today.  About mid way down the port side roof  there is a lump, its only about 5mm high, and its where 2 sheets join.  I could leave it as I'm sure it won't notice when done, but I can't do that.  I will try to show it when I fix it, but not sure it will show on a photo.

Talking of photos.  I didn't take any today, but here's one I found on one of my HD's.
This is someone else's finished one. 
Note, this isn't my photo. 
If the owner wants it removed please email me or leave a comment.

Also if anyone knows anything about this boat I'd love to make contact.

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