Sunday 14 February 2010

More Roof Beams

I had been waiting for the weather and finally on Friday I was able to put the rest of the roof beams in.  There was a point when it started snowing a bit, but I soldiered on and it was soon over.

The first 20 beams went in without much bother as they are all the same length, but the final 4 needed to be cut and shaped as the last 1.8m at the front of the boat curves and tapers in.  As I have no plans for the  construction of these I have had to do it by eye. Consequently it took a disproportionate amount of time compared to the rest.

One of my blog readers asked me to show the process of truing up the sides.  On the latter part of the movie you can see the use of ratchet straps to pull everything into shape. You can see how the sides flex and wobble very nicely in time-lapse.

Ratchet straps used to pull sides true

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