Thursday 22 March 2012

So The Boat Is Afloat And Named Avalon

Now Avalon is afloat the job of ballasting and trimming needed to be done.

I went the the boat on Tuesday with the intention of buying more slabs locally, but to my surprise I had all I needed on board.

The back was a tad heavy and I was going to counter this with more in the front, and as I suspected the port side was a little high.  So I removed 400kg from the lounge area which was sort of midships 

and put it in the front and with the bias on the ports side.

There is also 200kg in front of this under the board where the silicone tube is.

Now with the water tank at half full (1000L or kg) Avalon sits level fore and aft and port to starboard.

I have some blogging to catch up on. Not only have I been very preoccupied I have also had laptop problems which is now sorted with a new one.

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