Tuesday 6 March 2012

Somethings Wrong Here

If you've read this blog a while you'll know that I don't do wood.

Well, look at this, I've successfully made something out of wood!

What is it?

It's one of these:-

On a woody theme.  The other day I got the dressing ferrels for the mushroom vents .  Here they are all varnished up and ready to fit.

Other jobs done today.  Another coat of paint in the water tank, permanent fixing of the domestic battery to inverter isolator, made a start on re-routing the generator exhaust (2m of 40mm wet exhaust at the local marina with discount £65.00 + £5.00 on fuel for the round trip. On line, £25 delivered tomorrow!)  I can wait a day. I've also re-plumbed the water inlet for the generator.


  1. That is a good looking piece of wood working.

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Looks like pretty decent woodworking to me too Kev. I can't show your pictures to Lori 'cause of those counter tops! :-) She'll want them on the boat and the house too!

    Carry on.

    Rick & Lori
    M/V She:Kon (under construction)

  3. Sounds like Dave that, an engineer all his life - he's also become a carpenter since then lol


  4. Thanks Bill.

    Oak is pretty much like metal I have found and works with the same tools.

    We have the same counter tops at home too. It's Star Galaxy. Helps having a brother with a stone masonry business, but all the same it's still bloody expensive