Sunday 8 August 2010

Day 2

We were up at the crack of 9am.  I went through the normal routine, kettle on, open the front of the boat for the dogs to go out.  Teddy was first out as usual, and started his day in the normal way.  Off the starboard side, but this morning there was no land.  In he went!  Our normal mooring is boarding on the starboard.  Just wish I'd had the camera to hand.  Anyway he swam round the bow and I hoyked him out.

We are currently moored at the lovely waterfront in Ely.

One of my blog readers Andy is also fitting out a wide beam here.  We met today having emailed a few times about our respective projects. It was nice to meet him and can't wait to see his boat progress.  He says he is going to start a blog soon.

This is Anyd's boat

This was our route today:-

Best route from Denver Sluice to Ely  (only route!)

Gazetteer River Great Ouse (Old West River)
From GazetteerDenver Sluice to:
River Wissey Junction
Junction of River Wissey with Old West River
1 mile, 1½ flg, 0 locks (total 1 mile, 1½ flg, 0 locks)
Brandon Creek Junction
Junction of Little Ouse or Brandon River with Old West River
5 miles, 5 flg, 0 locks (total 6 miles, 6½ flg, 0 locks)
River Lark Junction
Junction of River Lark with Old West River
5 miles, 3 flg, 0 locks (total 12 miles, 1½ flg, 0 locks)
GazetteerEly 4 miles, 1 flg, 0 locks (total 16 miles, 2½ flg, 0 locks)
Total distance is 16 miles, 2½ flg and 0 locks.
Made up of 16 miles, 2½ furlongs of broad canals.
This will take 5 hours, 1 minute

It took only 3 hours as our boat goes faster in deep water.
We will probably stay put at Ely for Monday and set off for our destination Cambridge on Tuesday morning.
Currently we are moored on the starboard again so hopefully Teddy will not start the morning with a dip.


  1. Lucy did exactly that once after we had been moored for about 5 days then moved to have the towpath on the other side!!

    I am more careful now if we shift sides..

  2. Teddy is a numpty! Rupert looked rather smug as he hopped of the "right" side or for us boaty types starboard side. You have to laugh though.