Friday 13 August 2010

Day 6

We got a lay in, the cows, rowers, cyclists runners were not going to disturb us this time.  Amassing how quick you can adjust.

We set off about 10 on our way back to Ely. Bloody raining again, well for the first hour it hammered it down.  
  Out came the full thermal waterproofs.

On the way we saw a couple of interesting boats.

A steam powered launch.  The smell was brilliant
And now for something larger

About 4 hours later we arrived back at Ely.  The first mooring I saw (which turned out to be the only one........ honest!) was gonna be home for the night.

Damn our luck ;-)

This was our route today..........

Best route from Jesus Green Lock to A142 Road Bridge - Ely

Gazetteer River Cam (main river)
From GazetteerJesus Green Lock to:
 Fen Ditton 2 miles, 6 flg, 0 locks (total 2 miles, 6 flg, 0 locks)
GazetteerClayhythe Bridge
Waterbeach village half a mile northwest
3 miles, 0 flg, 1 lock (total 5 miles, 6 flg, 1 lock)
 Swaffham Lode Junction
Junction of Swaffham Lode with River Cam
2 miles, 4 flg, 1 lock (total 8 miles, 2 flg, 2 locks)
Junction with Burwell Lode
2 miles, 2 flg, 0 locks (total 10 miles, 4 flg, 2 locks)
 Pope's Corner
Junction of River Cam with Old West River
3 miles, 1 flg, 0 locks (total 13 miles, 5 flg, 2 locks)
Gazetteer River Great Ouse (Old West River)
From Pope's Corner to:
 Soham Lode Junction 1 mile, 3 flg, 0 locks (total 15 miles, 0 flg, 2 locks)
GazetteerEly 2 miles, 0 flg, 0 locks (total 17 miles, 0 flg, 2 locks)
 A142 Road Bridge - Ely 0 miles, 1 flg, 0 locks (total 17 miles, 1 flg, 2 locks)
Total distance is 17 miles, 1 flg and 2 locks.
Made up of 3 miles, 4 furlongs of broad canals; 13 miles, 5 furlongs of small rivers; 2 broad locks.
This will take 5 hours, 27 minutes

We made better time due to a tail wind.

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