Monday 9 August 2010

Day 3

We have stayed put at Ely as planned.  We took a walk in to town, Deb managed to buy some clothes and yet more sandals. I bought an ice cream and a tube of silicone sealant.  I will never as long as I live understand why 73 other pairs that were just perfect when bought are now some how less desired.  Anyway what should have been a 1 hour jaunt turned in to 3, with people stopping us to ask about and pet the dogs.  Airedale owners will fully get this!  Then as I am waiting outside the shoe shop Jerry the chap that sprayed the widebeam and my motorhome came along with his wife.  Its a small world considering they live about 50 miles from Ely.

I took loads of photos today.  The first lot were of Teddy playing with another Airedale "Henry" and some more of a rare black swan.  Unfortunately I didn't have a card in the camera. DOH!
Apart from that a really lazy day.  We will be setting off for Cambridge tomorrow.  I will remember to put a card in the camera this time.

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