Thursday 26 August 2010

Still Working On The Back

I have finished welding in the porch area and have created the first step down now.

You can also see in this picture I have modified the drainage channels. They are now in front of the porch, not the rear bulkhead as before.

I have also made and fitted the base for the gas locker from left from a window cutout.

And to comply with RCD and BSC I have fitted a drain from the bottom of the base to the outside of the boat.

I have also bee cutting holes in various places for services.  The hole in this picture will be for the toilet discharge pipe.

Work has now started on the hatch.  Today I made the runners.  I saw on another boat a nice detail that also enables any water to drain away.  This is what I did.

Cuts marked out

Then using the plasma cutter and the grinding disk as a template I cut them out.

 All cut

This is what the raw finish is like

A small amount of de-burring and smoothing and thats it.

I think this looks so much better than just straight bar.  The rails are tacked in ready for full welding when the rain stops.

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