Monday 23 August 2010

Rear End Work Now

I am altering the rear entrance of the boat.  Originally there were to be stairs going straight down I think.  The way I have planned the inside will mean the stairs will come down to the starboard side and turn as you go down into the saloon.

To get the correct fall on the stairs and create good head room I need to create a stair down before the rear bulkhead.  The only neat way of doing this I could see was to create a porch.  A standard stair is around 9" wide but I felt this would be too narrow to be safe so I have gone for 13". 

 This is the before

 This is the beginning of the porch

This will mean the deck drains will need altering too.  The porch will now provide the side for the lockers. To the right there will be a 2 x 13kg gas bottle locker and on the left there will be 2 lockers for general kit as well as the box that will hold the steering gear instruments and control gear.

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