Monday 29 November 2010

Insulation Works

I thought I'd share this picture with you.  I have  a 2.5kw electric heater in the boat.  By mid afternoon the roof looked like this.  The heater is sufficient to keep it warm enough to comfortably work inside.

You can clearly see where the roof bearers transmit the heat into the roof.  Just goes to show how well the insulation is working.  I am puzzled as to why there is no snow on the outside of the handrails as there is exactly the same good insulation under all that area.


  1. I wonder if it has something to do with the wind direction when it was snowing ?

    Bill K

  2. Hey Kev

    You're probably getting some thermal transfer from the ends of the support beams to the outboard edge of the roof. Maybe that'll keep the icicles from forming! ;-)

    Plenty of room for the Fat Jolly Elf in the red suit to land on that cabin top! ;-)

    Carry on.