Tuesday 30 November 2010


Since changing the design of my steps due to the toilet tank not fitting I have had to rethink the stairs from the stern deck.

Having never made a stair case before I decided to google it.  Within a few listed results I came a cross a staircase calculator.

I put in the required dimensions and after a bit of fiddling with the settings I got a plan to make the stringer.  I had to fiddle with the settings as the calculator is designed for a building and as we all know boat stairs tend to be steeper.

  I marked it out on a off cut of ply

 I cut it out
 Low and behold it worked!

I had to cut a slot in it to go over the bulkhead.  This will now serve as the final template for the staircase.  The first 2 steps down will be folded steel.  This  will finish behind the ply lining, the lower 3 will be made from wood and will join on in front of the ply lining.  All the runners and risers will look the same when finished.  I plan on putting the consumer units under the stairs and making one of them removable for easy access.


  1. What are consumer units ?

    Remember I am across the pond. :))

    Bill Kelleher

  2. Hello Bill

    Its a modern type of fuse box.


    I will have 1 for the 240v AC system and one for the 12v DC system.


  3. Thanks for the answer Kevin.

    Bill K