Monday 22 November 2010

Waste Of Bloody Time That Was

Having spent a fair bit of time last week fitting the plumbing for the radiators its now all got to come out.   WHY? I hear you say.

Well simple.  The Mikuni heater arrived on Friday with its fitting instructions clearly stating the flow and return must be 22mm.  This was even mentioned independently when I posted on CWF.  On previous advice I was told on such short runs 15mm flow and return would be ample.

So this morning I rang Mikuni technical, and was told that 22mm was the spec.  They did say 15mm would probably be OK but if I experienced problems with the unit short cycling (this buggers them up) they would not be interested if its not done to spec.  So faced with the option of it possibly working, or once the boat is up and running it not working I decided on ballance it was better to rip it out now and start again.  Ho Hum!

On the plus side the starboard side panels were not glued on but the port ones were and with Sickaflex.  That was a fun 2 hours removing them.  Fortunately, with care I managed to remove them without damage.  If you know how well Sickaflex bonds you will understand this. 

On the plus side its simply a case of running it in 22mm.  All the holes are still in the right position as are the pipe supports.  On the down side its another £175 of plumbing bits and I now have best part of 50m of 15mm speedfit pipe in various lengths looking for a home and largish bag of 15mm speedfit fittings.  Ho Hum!


  1. Speedfit, is that a brand name Kev? I haven't bought any plumbing bits for my boat yet. Maybe if you were on the right side of the pond I'd take them off your hands.


  2. Hello Rick


    I will use it all somewhere sooner or later. It doesn't go off.

  3. Sounds like something I would do.

    Manual who reads the manual till afterwords. LOL

    Bill Kelleher

  4. Bill

    I had been "reliably" informed that as the system was so small in terms of central heating that 15mm flow and return would be fine.

    It was only ON reading the installation manual when the heater arrived that I found out about the 22mm. So in this case not reading it and blundering on with might have been better.